Rietskaap (Lamb/Mutton)

From R1,215.00

The Lowerland “Rietskaap” is a free range pastured sheep. They live in mixed mob grazing herds of ruminants that move daily to new segments of pasture or veld. The name “rietskaap” originates from their happy place, the reedbeds on the riverbank where they can roam free when they’re not on pastures.

The meat is portioned, vacuum sealed, and packed in boxes. Minimum order is half a carcass. Rietskaap meat arrives fresh, NOT frozen, as it is butchered the day our truck leaves from Prieska and is kept in cold storage all the way. Please freeze your lamb when you receive it or cook within 1-2 days.

Price: R135/kg

Carcass weight: 9 kg (half sheep) or 18 kg (whole). Mass may vary slightly.

Shelf life: 3-5 days fresh; 4 to 12 months in freezer (below 0°C). Once defrosted, 3-5 days in refrigerator.

Storage: Store meat in freezer and let it thaw slowly (in the refrigerator) for best results. Bring to room temperature before cooking.

PLEASE NOTE: We slaughter animals of approximately the same weight and sell them at a single price to simplify the process for everyone.


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