Beefy Box (Volume X)


BEEFY BOX VOL. X – “Rainy day reds #12 & 35”

Our Lowerland Reds cattle graze our Karoo and Kalahari veld and/or mixed cover crop pastures.

Ruminants are excellent grass converters, meaning they can utilise unpalatable grass from land where no cash crop will ever grow, and turn it into delicious and nutritious protein – all while regenerating the veld with hoofs, urine and manure. Our aim with our Lowerland Reds is to breed efficient grass converters with great meat quality.

With this box we aim solve the challenge of using a whole animal, nose to tail, while still keeping it interesting and practical for you and your fridge.

What’s in the box?

This box includes a curated mix of cuts from the whole animal, such as steaks, stewing cuts, mince, patties, wors etcetera. It changes monthly to keep it interesting and according to the animals’ weight and condition at slaughter. The box’s total weight varies between 10 and 13kg, depending on what cuts are included. This box is great value.

Enjoy, happy braai-ing and stewing and please send feedback that can help us to better our boxes and our products!
Lowerland Team


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